Why it’s important to target search intent

Understanding what search intent is and how to target it is rather important. When you do this correctly, you can gain a higher ranking and get better conversions on your website. If you’re looking for a good SEO company, make sure they use a strategy that targets search intent. Let’s look at why targeting search intent is important.

What is search intent?

Simply put, search intent is the reason someone typed the words into Google or another search engine. It’s the central reason for search engines and the basis for how they deliver content to the user.

Search intent can help you figure out the actual objective of the person that is searching for content with specific keywords. For example, if someone searches for “how to clean the lint trap in my dryer” they are likely looking for some quick instructions to handle this task. However, if they search for “top dryers for 2022” this person might be in the process of comparing dryers because they plan to buy a new one.

Why does search intent matter?

When you understand the intent behind the person searching, you will be able to better target them. Search intent allows you to get an idea of what the person is looking for. This can help you provide the solutions they need in content form.

If you plan to target a list of keywords, you might want to think about why someone is searching for these keywords. Then, you can figure out how to best optimize your blog posts and content to fit each type of search.

Nobody wants to type keywords into a search engine and find that the results are not what they are looking for. When someone searches for the best Mexican restaurants in Jacksonville, they are obviously looking for a place to go eat Mexican food. Sometimes, the search intent isn’t as easy to figure out, but this information can help you provide better content for the end user. In turn, your content will rank higher because you are providing what the searcher is looking for.

Formulating your Content Strategy

When you’re trying to figure out how to create content for your website and blog, you want to come up with a good content strategy. With search intent in mind, you can figure out the type of keywords you want to target. Often, this will have to do with where you would like to intercept the searcher in their buying journey.

If the search intent is simply to learn more about a topic, it might be a how-to or a what-is type of keyword. This is not necessarily someone that is ready to buy anything, but just someone looking to learn. Of course, you can fill their need with a course or the right content and still capture their attention.

Those searching for specific website names or brands are usually looking for that specific website or brand. It’s harder to capture this type of person because they are so specific in what they are looking for.

Often, for your business, you want to target those with a transactional intent or those closer to this point. The keywords that fit this category are known as buying keywords. They might include phrases, such as “where to buy”, “top”, “best”, “buy”, “best places to buy”, etc.

When someone is already in the buying mindset, if you can capture them, they are more likely to buy what you are selling, if you offer a solution to their problem.

There is power in intercepting searchers with any intent. Blog posts are great for informational searchers and can also work well with some transactional keywords. Usually, when targeting a buying keyword, a good call-to-action strategy will help.