Why Building Local Jacksonville Reviews is Essential

You’ve probably already figured out how important online reviews are for your local Jacksonville business. However, have you started building local reviews for your business or are you still counting on customers to do it for you?

Getting people to provide good reviews for your company online makes a huge difference. Today’s consumer spends more time researching online and reading reviews before making a buying decision than ever before. If you don’t have a solid star rating, they might not even bother with your business.

5 Reasons Why Online Reviews are Important for Your Jacksonville Business

1. Better SEO

Online reviews are proof of your business’s trustworthiness, which is a big deal for better ranking. Google has started to look at local reviews when it ranks websites in Jacksonville and across the United States. If you have a good SEO strategy and you build local online reviews, you can gain a better ranking.

It’s a good idea to reply to all customer reviews, as well. This will help to get you noticed by the search engines. Google rewards responsive companies and responding to feedback helps to increase your visibility in the local search.

2. Better Engagement

When you build local Jacksonville revies for your business, you will gain better engagement. Higher engagement leads to repeat customers and better Google My Business ranking and local search ranking.

If you take the time to respond to reviews, you can fix issues for customers posting poor reviews and encourage customers posting good reviews to visit your business again.

3. Builds Better Trust

Customer feedback, both positive and negative, helps to build trust. When customers provide an opinion about their experience working with your company, they are providing a first-hand account. Positive feedback helps to build trust with potential customers and with Google.

Trust can even be gained through negative reviews if you respond and fix the issue. This helps to show you’re a legitimate company and gives you more credibility.

4. More Clicks and Leads

Of course, when you get customer feedback and it increases your local search ranking, you’ll gain more clicks to your website and more leads. Asking for feedback from customers is a great way to build your online reviews and gain more clicks and leads.

Bright Local has even stated that a company averaging five-star reviews on Google gains about 40% more clicks to their website compared to companies with one-star reviews.

5. Allows for Customer Relationship Building

Just like you can speak with a customer over the phone, on social media, or through email, local online reviews give you the opportunity to speak with your customers. Responding to reviews allows you to build a better relationship with your customers, which can lead to more repeat customers.

Building local Jacksonville reviews for your business can help your search engine ranking, which can lead to more new customers and more sales. Make sure you respond to reviews to build even more credibility and work to get customers to post reviews of your Jacksonville business online.