What’s the Difference Between a Personal Facebook & Instagram Account and a Business Page for Facebook & Instagram?

Are you still using a personal Facebook and Instagram account for your business? Did you know there’s a business account for Instagram and a business page for Facebook?

There are many differences between a personal profile page on Facebook and a business page. You will also find several differences between a personal Instagram profile and a business profile. Let’s look at a few of the differences for both Facebook and Instagram.

Differences Between a Facebook Business Page and a Personal Profile

A personal Facebook profile is rather limited in functionality compared to a Facebook business page. Personal profiles are designed to allow users to share pictures, videos, and thoughts.

When you create a Facebook Business Page, you will have a page dedicated to your business. This page will be named after your business and will include a profile and cover image for your business. You’ll gain access to several customizations an about section, and more with a business page.

If a user finds your page, they can like it. With a personal profile, you gain friends, but with a business page, you gain likes.

While your personal Facebook profile is about keeping up with family and friends, your business page is about branding. You can use your Facebook business page to build a following, collect reviews, share business information, and post about topics relevant to your audience.

Differences Between a Personal Instagram Account and a Business Account

When you decide to join Instagram, you probably created a personal Instagram account. While this is fine if you want to share images with family and friends, if you’re using the account for business, you should upgrade to a business account.

There are several differences between personal and business accounts on Instagram. Personal accounts often get flagged if they receive a big increase in followers. However, a business account isn’t as easily flagged since you can build a following through good marketing.

One of the biggest differences between personal and business accounts on Instagram is how they are found. When a user searches for something on Instagram, it’s more likely a business account will show up over a personal account.

You will also be allowed to post information for your business, such as your address, phone number, and website. A business account will also allow consumers to call you through the Instagram app or interact with your website.

If you plan to advertise your business on Instagram, even more differences will come into play. you can use a personal Instagram account for some advertising, but business accounts provide more tools and options for advertising.

A business account on Instagram also gives you many analytical tools you won’t get with a personal account. You’ll be able to monitor engagement and see interactions.

Of course, if you want to put a link in your Insta-stories, you will need to have a business account and 10K or more followers. This might be the biggest difference and one of the best ways you can benefit from using an Instagram business account instead of a personal account.

If you want to use Facebook or Instagram for business, it’s best to use a business page or profile. These social media giants have made it easier for businesses to use social media marketing with the necessary tools for tracking, advertising, and more!