Top Reasons Your Business is Not Ranking on Google Maps

Are you struggling to find your business on Google Maps? Does your local business need to show up on the maps feature to gain new business? Figuring out why your business is not ranking on Google Maps starts with understanding how to rank on Google Maps.

You need the right authority, good reviews, and you need to become Google verified. This is just the start of getting ranked on Google Maps. Let’s look at some of the top reasons you might not be ranking on Google Maps.

Main 4 Reasons Your Business isn’t Ranked on Google Maps:

Not Verified

If you have not become Google Verified, you will struggle to get listed high on Google Maps. Verification status is very important. If you go to Google and you search for your business, it might say “claim this business” on the listing.

If this is the case, you need to claim your business and become verified if you want to rank on Google Maps. Without verification, your business isn’t even eligible to appear on the Google Maps local search. you need to become verified if you want to be ranked in this search feature of Google.

No Authority

If you’re verified, that is a good start, but you also need to gain authority. This comes from higher search rankings and better reviews. If you’re in a rather competitive industry, you might get stuck on page two, three, or four of the Google Maps search. While you might show up higher when someone is very close to your business, as they move away, your ranking falls. Gaining better authority will help you rank higher, even when someone moves away from your business.

You have a Suspended Google Listing

The worst reason you are not ranking in Google Maps is due to your suspended google listing. If you have been suspended, you might go into a panic. However, you can fix the reason for why you were suspended and gain your listing back.

Commonly, a local GMB listing will be suspended due to a need for business information updates, keyword stuffing in the listing, using a post office box, no physical location, or Google thinking your listing might be fake.
With the right expert help, you can get your listing out of suspension.

Not Much Content

Your Google My Business page needs some content. If you don’t have much content, it could be hurting your ranking in Google Maps. It’s important to add as much content as possible by filling out everything you possibly can.

You can also ass to the posts section regularly to add more content. Make sure you take advantage of all the areas of your GMB page to ensure you have plenty of content.

All four of these reasons could be why your business isn’t ranking well in Google Maps. There are some things out of your control that can impact your ranking, too. However, with the help of a good local SEO company, you can gain a higher ranking in the Google Maps search.