Penalized by Google? You’ve come to the right place!

Watching your websites’ traffic disappear or your search engine’s ranking drop can be pretty stressful. This is often caused by a Google algorithm update, which can cause your site to become penalized by the search engine. Whether it was Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, or another Google update, you need a strategy to recover your lost ranking and traffic.

Jax Media Team has helped many websites after a Google penalty. Our team will help recover the traffic to your site and help you achieve a higher ranking without using any gimmicks or tricks. We help our clients gain the compliance they need to ensure better ranking today and in the future. Jax Media Team uses white-hat SEO techniques, which the search engines want to achieve to achieve the highest rankings possible.

Common Search Engine Penalty Symptoms

Your website may have suffered from one or more of these common symptoms, including:

  • Your site is no longer found in the Google search results
  • Google provided notification of a manual penalty
  • Google warned you about unnatural linking and/or other black-hat practices
  • Your traffic dropped suddenly from Google

If your site suffered from any of these symptoms or any other problem, we can help. Our team provides an efficient and proven Google Recovery Service.

Our Strategy for Penalty Recovery

After assessing your issues and discovering which algorithm update has caused your site to plummet in the rankings, we will tailor an SEO strategy tailored to your specific needs. Here are just some of the things we do when this happens:

  • Analyzing your website’s entire backlink profile
  • Discover any paid links, link networks, or other spam links causing the penalty
  • Request removal of any of the bad links
  • Create a “disavow” report telling Google to ignore any of the links we cannot get removed
  • Create and send reconsideration requests to Google
  • Crawl your site and rate your pages’ content for SEO quality
  • Revamp or rewrite crucial page content
  • Remove any low-quality pages
  • Check for slow load times
  • And More!

Our team of experts will put together the right strategy to ensure you recover from Google penalties. We will keep a detailed record of everything we do as we help you recover from any type of Google penalty. Contact us today for help!