How to Get My Jacksonville Business On Page One of Google

Before you can get your Jacksonville Business on page one of Google, you have to get your business listed with Google. This isn’t that difficult if you have okay SEO and decent content. However, moving up the search results isn’t as easy as getting listed.

If you want to gain more organic traffic from Google, you need the right SEO. There are several things that go into good search engine optimization. Let’s look at some of the ways you can get your Jacksonville business on page one of Google.

Top XX Ways to Get Listed on Page One of Google with Your Jacksonville Business

1. Hire a Good Jacksonville SEO Company

The easiest way to get listed on the first page of Google is by hiring a good Jacksonville SEO company. With a good company that has helped others get listed on the first page, you can also get listed on the first page.

A top Jacksonville SEO company will offer many services to help you gain better SEO. From on-page SEO to blogging to social media services, you can get everything you need from a company like Jax Media Team.

2. Use Local Keywords

If you try to target general keywords, it will be much harder to get listed on the first page of Google with your Jacksonville business. When you serve a local audience, you should target local keywords. This will reduce the competition and make it easier to get listed on the first page.

Plus, if you’re only targeting general keywords, you might be gaining traffic that cannot frequent your Jacksonville business. With local keywords, you’ll get more for the time, money, and effort you put into your SEO.

3. Build Your Google Reviews

Google will feature businesses with high ratings and lots of good reviews. When people search locally in Jacksonville, the top businesses with great reviews are going to show up first, especially with the map search.

Make sure you set up your Google My Business page and get as many reviews as you can. The more good reviews you get, the better, and the higher you will likely rank your Jacksonville business.

4. Make Sure Your Mobile-Friendly

Google will penalize you in the search results if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. This is important as many people search for Jacksonville businesses on their mobile devices. You want to target keywords specific to mobile searches, too. This can help you gain a higher ranking for your business on Google.

5. Blog and Link

Having a blog that you post to regularly and link to your main pages can really help your SEO. This can help you grow your Jacksonville business to the top of the search results on Google. With a good blogging strategy and good linking, you can get more organic traffic.

There are many ways to make sure you get on the first page of Google with your Jacksonville business. If you’re trying to gain more traffic from the search engines, getting the right help will go a long way. With a good local SEO company, you’ll be able to climb to the top of the rankings for your target keywords.