How to boost your Google My Business profile

When you want to boost your Google My Business profile, you need to know how to do it. Google states that there are specific things you can do to increase your Business Profile ranking. Let’s look at a few of the top ways to boost your Google My Business profile.

Four Ways to Boost Your Google My Business Profile

1. Get More Reviews

Getting more reviews can certainly help to grow your Google My Business profile. It doesn’t cost you anything to gain more reviews, but you can gain more traffic from organic searchers with more reviews.

This won’t help you overnight, but over time, if you get plenty of reviews, you’ll gain a better Google My Business profile. It usually doesn’t take much more than reminding happy customers to post a review. You can do this through email, asking verbally, or with a postcard through the mail.

2. Make Sure Everything is Accurate and Filled Out

One of the easiest ways to boost your Google My Business profile is to make sure it’s accurate and filled out. You want to check all the data and make sure it’s completely filled out and accurate.

Keep your business hours accurate, if they change, add pictures to your profile, verify all locations, and keep all your data up-to-date. If something on your profile isn’t correct, it may hurt your ranking for your Google My Business profile.

Adding high-quality photos to your profile will help to give you a better reputation. You want to make sure you stand out and good pictures can be one of the best ways to stand out. It helps you appear more trustworthy and legitimate to your potential customers.

3. Respond to Reviews

You want to respond to the reviews posted on your Google My Business profile, too. While you can respond to all reviews, it’s best to make sure you respond to any negative reviews. If possible, make sure you preempt any negative reviews, but if one gets through, respond to it.

Make sure you respond in a way to help the customer by apologizing and empathizing with the customer. If the general public sees that you care, it will help you look better to potential new customers.

4. Post to Your Business Profile Regularly

Providing updates on your Google My Business profile can help give you a boost, too. You can post things, such as seasonal sales, general announcements, new blog posts, and more. It’s best to post often since your posts will only remain active for one week.

You should also include links and call-to-action phrases within your posts. The posts will go into the section labeled Updates, which is found at the bottom of your profile.

There are many ways to boost your Google My Business profile. With these tips, you can gain more customers through the Google local search. You want to start by claiming your business and making sure everything is accurate. With a good foundation, you can use some of the other tips in this blog post to help ensure your profile shows up high in the local search results.