Google My Business: What It Is & Why It Matters

Getting your business to show up in the local Google search results is vital to your success. Google My Business is one of the best tools you can use to make this happen.

There are plenty of benefits to using Google My Business and ranking high in the local search results. Let’s look at what Google My Business is and how it can make a difference for your business.

What is Google My Business?

A free tool sometimes referred to as GMB, Google My Business allows you to manage how your business will appear on Google Maps and Google Search. You can use this tool to edit the following information:

  • Business Name
  • Business Location
  • Hours of Operation

Google My Business can also be used to reply to customer reviews and add photos of your business or products to your listing. You can even use this tool to figure out where people are searching for you and how they are finding you.

How Google My Business can Benefit Your Business

If you’re new to local SEO, using GMB is a great way to get started and help people find your business. You can gain many helpful benefits from Google My Business. Here are just a few of the benefits you will notice.

1. Gain the Ability to Appear How You Prefer

The main benefit of Google My Business is the ability to use the dashboard to change the way your listing appears on Google Search and Google Maps. You can optimize and brand your listing so it’s easy for customers to recognize you quickly.

With GMB, you can adjust any portion of your listing and provide the necessary information to allow customers to find you and contact you.

2. Gain Visibility

With GMB, you can gain visibility on the global map. Since Google provides one of the largest search engines, you can become more visible by using this tool to help customers find you on the map.

For example, if you’re located in Jacksonville, Florida and you run a breakfast restaurant, you might be hard to find right now. After using Google My Business, you will show up on the map when someone searching for Jacksonville breakfast restaurants or something similar.

3. Create a Great First Impression

With so many people hopping online before they use a business, Google My Business gives you the ability to create a great first impression. You can add photos to your listing to make it look amazing and match your rand. You can also add a description and website to help create a great first impression.

4. Better Overall SEO

Of course, using Google My Business offer a great SEO tool for your local business. You’ll need to optimize your listing, but once you do, you will be able to rank better since you used GMB.

5. Provides a Great Place for Customer Reviews

You can respond to customer reviews on Google My Business and you can encourage customers to leave you a review. This is a great way to build your local business and show off the great service and/or products you provide.

Google My Business offers a great tool for growing your local business. You will be easier for customers to find and you’ll gain better SEO when you properly optimize your GMB listing.