7 Ways to Use Facebook Business Manager for Your Business

If you run a business and you’re using Facebook, it’s time to start using Facebook Business Manager. This tool will help you keep everything organized and safe.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about setting up Facebook Business Manager, but you just haven’t gotten around to it. There are many great benefits you gain with this tool. Here are seven of the best ways you can use Facebook Business Manager for your business.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Before we get into the ways you can use this tool, it’s a good idea to know what Facebook Business Manager is exactly. This tool allows businesses to manage advertising accounts and Facebook pages from one centralized dashboard. It will give you a snapshot of how each account and page is performing, along with some analysis to help create your marketing strategies.

Top Ways to Use Facebook Business Manager

1. Set Up Roles for Employees

If you have multiple people needing to access and work within your business Facebook account, you can set up different roles. This is a great way to use the Facebook Business Manage as you can set specific access levels for each person.

2. Manage Ads and Pages

Maybe you run multiple Facebook pages and you need to manage each one, along with the ads for your pages. With the centralized dashboard, you can easily manage all your pages and ads in one place.

3. Better Secure Your Business

When you start using the Business Manager, you will add more protection to your business. This tool gives you more features to better secure your business including Two-Factor Authentication. By requiring everybody on your team to turn this feature on, you will lower the risk of someone hacking into their accounts.

4. Makes Partnerships Easier

Since you might be hiring someone to manage your ads or make changes to your Facebook Pages, using Facebook Business Manager offers a great way to make partnerships easier. You can easily add an agency or consultant to your account without giving them full access to everything.

By using the partner tab, you can add a partner and give them limited permissions. This ensures you don’t have to suffer any issues a new partner might cause if they had more access.

5. Simple Reports

Using Facebook Business Manager will allow you to easily create reports you can use to adjust your marketing strategy. There are many customization options you can use to get the data you need.

6. Separate Work and Personal

When you choose Facebook Business Manager, you have the ability to set all business notifications to go to your work email. This ensures you can separate business and personal accounts and “clock out” when necessary to keep a good work/life balance.

7. Test Different Ads

Another way you can use the Facebook Business Manager for your business is through parallel ads. This allows you to test multiple images, different text, and other custom settings.

If you plan to use Facebook for your business, choosing the Facebook Business Manager just makes sense. It will allow you to add partners, like Problem Solvers Consultants, and manage everything from one dashboard.