5 Tools to Better Your Content Workflow

Content is still king and producing high-quality content for your website means you need the right tools. With the best tools, you’ll be able to better manage your content workflow. If you’re struggling to stick to a publishing schedule or a content production schedule, these five tools might be the answer.


A popular choice for content workflow, Trello gives you the ability to control more than just your content schedule. It’s a tool with the ability to transform your business and personal life keeping you on task and better organized.

With Trello, you can easily collaborate by creating boards and adding people to them as you need. It’s a great option if part of your content workflow includes communicating with writers and other team members.

Trello also offers features to help you create a weekly or daily list of tasks needing to be completed. You can manage your entire content workflow and so much more right from this one excellent tool.


Another content workflow tool great for keeping you on task is ClickUp. This tool helps turn your content management into an easy task and takes away the frustration. You can enjoy multiple viewpoints and gain access to lists, boards, your calendar, and more. 

Easily create projects for your content and assign tasks to specific people on your team. 

This feature-rich content workflow tool allows you to create recurring tasks, checklists, subtasks, and so much more. It’s a powerful option offering plenty of features to make your content workflow better.


If you prefer to see your content workflow in chart format, LucidChart might be the right tool for you. It’s an all-in-one diagram platform making it easy to map out the tasks needing done to publish and promote your content.

While it might not be the only content workflow tool you use, LucidChart will allow you to create flowcharts, org charts, product specs, and more. It’s a great addition to other tools, especially if you prefer to see a visual chart of the tasks necessary for your content workflow.

Google Drive

One of the easiest ways to share content and keep things organized is through Google Drive. The entire suite of tools from Google can be utilized including spreadsheets, which can be shared with writers, editors, and other team members.

Google Drive gives you the ability to easily create documents, PowerPoints, spreadsheets, and store everything in one place. You don’t have to accept content from your writers through email and add it to your Google Drive. Instead, have your writers add the content directly into your Google Drive for your editors to finish and the rest of your team to market.


Another workflow tool you can use for your content is Tallyfy. This tool gives you checklists in a board or card format. You can easily set up processes and show progress updates on each card as the work is done. 

You will gain a bird’s-eye view of everything done by each of your team members to help you manage projects and content workflow easier.

No matter the tools you choose to better your content workflow – being organized is the key to publishing and marketing content. These five tools will help make it easier, especially if you’re managing a team with writers, editors, and other professionals.