3 natural link building tactics anyone can use

Building links for your website’s SEO isn’t an easy task. It’s a big pain and can take up a ton of your time. You might think you have the perfect tactics for link building, but you can’t seem to get the needle to move for your website.
With the right natural link building strategies, you can finally see results

There are plenty of ways to build links, but not all are the same. Let’s look at three natural link building tactics you should be using and a few other options to consider.

Top 3 Natural Link Building Tactics to Use

  1. Outreach: When you take the time to introduce people to your content, product, or service, you are performing outreach. Sometimes, this can be a very successful natural link building tactic, if you have something great for them to link to. Reaching out to entrepreneurs and startups can be a good way to build natural links. You will need to have some good linkable assets to provide them, such as infographics, longer blog posts, and tools, however.
  2. Guest Blogging: An older strategy, but one that still works very well is guest blogging. When you provide a blog post for someone else’s website/blog and they allow you to link back to your website, it’s known as guest blogging. You can search for pages on websites related to your niche titled write for us or something similar. Many websites will allow you to contribute guest blog posts to their site through a write for us page or a contribute page.
  3. Unliked Mentions: In some cases, you might get mentioned by a website or blog, but they don’t link to your website when they mention you. When this happens, you can simply reach out and ask them to link your company’s name to your website. This can be one of the easiest ways to gain new natural links to your website.

A Few Other Options for Good Link Building

  • Broken Link Building: Another unique strategy you can use to build some natural links is finding broken links and creating a resource to replace them. If you find a link on another website and you have a resource or can create one that works, you can contact the website owner and offer your link as a replacement. This can be a very powerful strategy to build natural links, with the right tools.
  • Content Syndication: You don’t have to reach out to blog and website owners to build links. You can also submit your content to directories, video-sharing websites, and other websites where it fits. This can help you to build excellent links back to your website.
  • Community Site Links: While it’s great to land the best of the best natural backlinks, you also need a link profile that looks natural. Building links from Quora, message boards, forums, Reddit, and similar websites can help you build the right natural link profile. These may not be the highest quality links, but they can certainly help your SEO. While many are nofollow links, they can still add to your natural backlink profile and help your overall SEO.
  • If you want to build better links this year, use these tactics to help with your natural link building.